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Degree Year
  • 2001



  • MEng

Fernando Correa Sevilla

Quito, 1976

     An innovative leader with extensive experience mainly in the construction industry as well as in different business sectors. Fernando has high skills as a civil engineer primarily in construction and sustainable design industry, as a LEED green associate and president of the Ecuadorian Green Building Council, he demonstrates his engagement with the environment and implementing sustainable practice to fight climate change, always pushing for a conscious and sustainable construction industry in Ecuador, his home country.

Fernando is a proud alumnus of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute where he obtained his undergrad degree in civil engineering. In Cornell University he attended grad school, specializing in project management and engineering systems. Followed by an MBA in the San Francisco University of Quito. On 2017 he finished the General Management Program on Harvard Business School.

He has achieved notorious positions in companies as president of Servialimentos a bamboo product company, director of Texsa textiles, Enkador, Inmosint, the three companies on the textile industry, he is the general manager of Gonzyola a real estate company and executive president of URGENPRO a project management company. In addition to this, he was a member of Nexgen of the Family Bussines Network (FBN) Quito-chapter, member as well of “Por Manabí” project of the NGO ayuda directa created to support the reconstruction of the villages damaged in the earthquake of 2016 that occurred in Ecuador.

Therefore, for his extensive construction and managing experience, he was appointed CEO of Sevilla y Martínez SEMAICA, on April of 2019. After working for more than 18 years in the company and learning the process from the beginning to the end, he was finally prepared to assume leadership of the most important construction company in Ecuador.

SEMAICA began operations in 1956 and for 63 years has maintained its leadership in the industry due to the wise combination of a modern vision of service and a strict work philosophy. From small scale family residences to huge hydro powers, the company has constructed all kinds of high-quality buildings and works that endure through the pass of time in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. Fernando engaged with these lifelong principles of hard work and innovation assure a new era of growth and development to the company.