Science Blender Podcast

Science Blender Podcast

bet36体育在线官网We hear about scientific advancements all the time, but science is a process driven by people, and we rarely hear about the stories behind these discoveries. In each episode of , we dive deep into the human side of research, as a large part of a scientist’s work and career. We will explore what it takes to develop cutting edge research, the ups and downs of the research process, and the broader impact of scientific work. Science Blender is a production made possible as a Robert Frederick Smith Initiative from the Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Cornell University.


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Alexander Sorets

Alexander Sorets, B.S. '19

"I have been able to conduct research in a lab and be a teaching assistant for two courses. I believe that the BME major helped a lot when I was applying to Ph.D. programs, in that I could discuss current research with professors at a high level due to the number of papers I have read for my classes." Read more about Alexander Sorets, B.S. '19